Dental Team Training works best with some level of accountability. Sitting in a CE lecture at the Toronto or Vancouver Dental Conference hardly qualifies. Practice management skills involve role playing. Unless you simulate a working environment and practice new verbal skills appropriately, they will NEVER happen in your clinic. Our teams frequently conduct private workshops for our clients. They may be a single day event – or a two day event in the case of our Case Acceptance Program. Occasionally a 3 hour ‘after work’ session may suffice depending on whether you choose one of our ‘off the shelf’ programs, or you contract us to solve a specific issue that has arisen in your unique office.

Public sessions are held in major cities quarterly. Contact us below for information on a standardized HPD Course or a custom program for your unique requirement.

Popular Programs:
1) ProSales Case Acceptance (2 day custom private program – frequently Fri/Sat)
2) ProSales Case Acceptance (2 day public program – up to 4 practices – usually Fri/Sat)