High Performance Dentistry Testimonials
Dr. Manjit Shah DDS
I found the ProSales Case Acceptance Program to be organized, good information, and customized for our individual group so all local concerns were addressed. We improved in numerous areas, particularly in the efficiency of dental services to our patients. During the one month immediately following the completion of the Case Acceptance Program, I monitored the numbers and we improved by 30% over previous months. We also participated in one of their charity events, which was effective in promoting the visibility of the practice.
Dr. L.B. Wong DDS
The Team at High Performance Dentistry changed the way I practice dentistry. They were always just a call away, and worked with me on a variety of programs from lead generation to charitable programs. I found them most valuable with the HR aspect. When we took the ProSales Case Acceptance Program it identified crystal clearly which team members were long term, and which were not. They are excellent dental coaches, and I would not want to see my competition employing them!
Dr. M.A. Dolynchuk DDS
My time working with High Performance Dentistry marked a huge growth in my practice. Over a period of 4 years I grew from one doctor in a 3 chair office to 10 doctors in 4 offices, with gross billings approx. 8 X greater than when I started. Their management team was instrumental in setting up our lead generation programs, HR selection, team training, and all matters around practice growth. I would recommend them without hesitation. They went the ‘extra mile’ on multiple occasions for me. Any business with 40+ employees and a working principal dentist will have crisis management issues. Bryce made himself available – on location when needed – on extremely short notice. Their assistance allowed me to establish, solidify, and indeed sell my group practice.